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A giant of Finnish social media 

Gigantti has become the leading Finnish Facebook brand by mastering the core areas of a social media strategy.

In my last M&M Sosiaalinen Sukellusvene post I wrote about the Golden Triangle Model outlining the three core areas of a social media strategy. And today I’m going to run it past Gigantti - one of Finland’s most successful social (and commercial) brands - to help explain why it is doing so well. 

The social media analytics service Socialbakers regularly produces reports on the status of social media (particularly Facebook) from around the world, and the July report for Finland came out recently. 

Socialbakers' July 2014 List of Top Finnish Facebook Brands





Just under a year ago Gigantti took over from Prisma as Finland’s Top Facebook Brand and it is still at the top. They are also the third most liked Page in general after Leijonat and Sauna  – so what are they doing so right?

Firstly here is a quick reminder about what the core social media strategy areas are:

The three core areas of a social media strategy. | Kuva: Richard von Kaufmann


Like most businesses Gigantti’s main goal is to sell more products, but, as anyone who has been working with social media knows, simply pushing products in a social channel as though it was a “traditional” media channel will bring lacklustre results. 

The two-way, more equal nature of social media means that to engage people in your social channels you need to provide content that is relevant, useful or entertaining. It is a reciprocal gift giving game that asks for customer attention/loyalty in return for valuable content (gifts).  

To produce such content, however, brands need to have clear social media strategy goals and the internal resourcing and commitment needed to implement them.  

So setting the goals is the first core part of the social media strategy. Gigantti is not one of our clients, however, after doing a rapid analysis of their social media output I would say that their goals could be to create the perceptions that Gigantti provides: market beating value for money; is knowledgeable and up-to-date about the products/technology they are selling; delivers friendly support with a fun attitude. 

Once the perceptions are defined they can be used as a basis for tracking KPIs at different levels: reach (channel-level engagement), tactical (goal-orientated content engagement), strategical (general awareness and perception changes). 

Probably one of the most effective strategies in social media is to create a community of interest and sell the products/services more incidentally in connection to that interest; rather than a blatant hard sell. Gold’s Gym has done this remarkably well. 

So how is it that Gigantti is able to post so many specific products on its Facebook Page

Two key tactics they have been using in this regard are: packaging the products into “opportunities” for the followers to participate in great deals, but for short periods of time (often down to hours) – this acts as a reward mechanism combined with a powerful motivator; and the other is to post high-quality informative product intro videos, and occasionally whimsical fun videos highlighting some emotional aspect of a product.

Great deals are always a powerful and logical message to push, however, Gigantti also connects this to their current core message; "Se nyt vaan on tyhmää maksaa liikaa“ (It’s obvious it’s stupid to pay too much). This message is used with a slightly irreverent attitude; which feeds into occasional light-hearted videos (both in-house and external) and fun photos.

They have also been engaging Fans with competitions to win tickets for events. Such competitions, as long as they are relevant, are a classic form of gift exchange – you do this and we give you a chance to win this. The use of a pop concert fits as one of their key product areas is widescreen TVs and hifi equipment.  

They are also doing well with their thought leadership by providing tips and tricks relevant to the fan base. They also include well made videos of staff telling about their work, which is important for communicating the company’s expertise and values – particularly for recruiting purposes.  

Here is an example of an advert highlighting Gigantti's friendly attitude and approachable staff. This is an advert reused in social media but is important to remember that the core areas of the triangle apply equally to overall marketing and communications strategies. 

An overriding element that often separates social giants out from the average practitioners is how well they engage individuals; since engaging individuals in an authentic personable way is what creates impact and brings the interest of the masses. 

Here is a recent example of a simple and effective way that Gigantti is reaching out and engaging individuals to respond and share content.  

As is so often the case good social media practice is not rocket science and is more about being active on a "regular" basis – however, a well thought out strategy will amplify the effectiveness of the actions. 

This is only a snapshot of what Gigantti is doing in social media, however, it is clear that they have (more or less) nicely covered all aspects of the 3 core areas of the golden triangle - so it is no wonder they are the top Finnish Facebook brand! 

The writer Richard von Kaufmann is Head of Social and a Founding Partner at the social media communications agency Vaikutustoimisto Zipipop Freud. Before studying at Aalto University Media Lab, he had a background in advertising and filmmaking.


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