Regardless, I would like to introduce you to another one simply because I am amazed that there are so few in the marketing field that are truly delivering on the following core areas to maximize their (primarily digital) marketing and sales efforts.

The first area to excel within, and plan for, is Content. With a broad definition of Content, ranging from Creative Content in one end (formerly known as ‘advertising’) and, for example, Editorial Content in the other, executives need to plan and develop the right Content ecosystem to service their prospects or customers the best way in different interactions with its business.

The second area is Design. In the words of Steve Jobs: ‘Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works’. Design in its traditional sense is and will continue to be more important than ever. Design is a true differentiator in a world of hypercompetition. So you not only need to secure that your touchpoints provide relevant Content, they also need to be designed to look good and, perhaps most of all, they need to function. If 70% of your prospects and customers interact with you through their mobile in the research phase, you’d better secure that your presence at that touchpoint looks great and delivers what they need!

Thirdly, it doesn’t matter how much you invest into the areas above if your Content and Touchpoints are not findable or visible to your prospects or customers when they need them. Remember the quote; ‘80% of success is about showing up’ (Woody Allen). We are constantly surprised to see how companies choose not to show up when people want to interact with them. There are countless numbers of cases where large investments are made into video production, apps or websites that no one sees, downloads or visits because the core area of Visibility was not accounted for in the strategy. Visibility is achieved through a combination and integration of paid and owned media promotion.

The Sweet Spot of Marketing in a digital world is where insights and analysis leads to a combination of Content, Design and Visibility that is optimized for the customer state of mind and occasion. You will know when you have hit that Sweet Spot, it’s when your brand KPI’s and sales take a leap!

Mattias Falkendal is the CEO of Klikki Group and VP, Visibility & Service Design business area at Nordic Morning. Klikki Group is specialized in Always-on marketing and increasing brands' online visibility. Klikki operates all over the Nordic region, and has been part of Nordic Morning since 2012.

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